PS/2 to USB Converter, CL0014

The PS/2 to USB Converter allows connection of PS/2 devices to computers that have USB ports. Now you can use your PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, or KeyRF Remote Control with your USB enabled computer. The new PS/2 to USB converter can adapt two PS/2 devices, one being a keyboard device (such as a KeyRF) and the other a pointing device (such as a mouse or trackball). It is powered by the computer's USB port, so there's no additional power supply plug in.

PS/2 to USB Converter

The features of the CL0014 PS/2-USB converter are:

  • Two PS/2 ports, one for keyboard devices (purple), one for pointing devices (green)
  • Durable, totally ecapsulated design.
  • Supports Windows 98/ME/2000, Mac OS 8.6 and above and Linux OS 2.4 and some versions of 2,2 with USB support
  • USB 1.0 and 1.1 specification compliant

For techical support issues, see: PS/2 to USB Converter Q & A

The PS/2 to USB converter is available for purchase separately, or at a discounted price packaged with our KeyRF 2-button and four button kits. For pricing and online purcases, visit our online store at: L3 Online Store

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