KeyRF Remote Control

The KeyRF provides a convenient way to use a remote control with your PC. Use the KeyRF to control your overhead or laptop presentations. The KeyRF works with PowerPoint and any other presentation software. It's simplicity, and ease of use makes it the ideal choice for business presentations. Home automation systems make use of KeyRF control. Embedded PC applications can add reliable remote operation without any extra software.

The KeyRF is available with a PS/2 to USB adapter. This allows the KeyRF to be used with computers which have USB ports. This supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6+, and Linux 2.4 operating systems. See special pricing of KeyRF 2-Button and 4-Button kits with PS/2-USB converters: USB KeyRF Kit Pricing

The RF technology of the KeyRF system provides greater range than other infrared remotes. The transmitter doesn't require being pointed at the receiver, has a 360 degree reception area, and it works with objects or people positioned in the transmission path. Easy connection to the keyboard port means no special software is needed on the PC.

KeyAT Receiver with Transmitters

A Custom soft padded case is now available to safely hold your KeyRF and all its accessories, as shown below.

KeyRF Case Closed KeyRF Case Closed

Padded Case for KeyRF

To get a KeyRF data sheet press: Get KeyRF Data Sheet.
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