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KeyRF - Excerpts from Customer Support

Question: I'm having problems with my new Windows XP notebook computer. I get "Device Driver" error messages, and have problems with multiple presses when only a button is only pressed once.
Answer: There are a couple of Windows XP SP1 bugs which can affect the connection of a KeyRF receiver using the PS/2 to USB converter. Generally this can be resolved by downloading the latest updates from the notebook manufacturer. Specifically Microsoft windows updates 810400 and 822603 should be installed to have the USB port operating correctly.

Question: The command I want to is too long to store.
Answer: In DOS, you can make a batch file for the program that you are trying to run. In Windows you can assign a shortcut key for the application. In unix, you can make a shell script.

Question: I have some questions about your KeyRF remote control. The application is in a large room with the computer and projector in the back. The range may push the stated 100 feet range, is there a way to boost the range to 150?
Answer: You might find that it will do that range, but we cannot guarantee it. The specified 100 ft is a very rough estimate. You might be able to better orient the antenna, or run a keyboard extension cable towards the center of the room.

Question: The software application is PowerPoint so it would be nice to program page up, page down, and control B. If I understand the data sheet correctly this is no problem.
Answer: Yes no problem. The default settings are:

  • Left Button: Space
  • Right Button: Backspace
  • Both Buttons: Alternating Home - End
Of course, you can change these settings to whatever keys you want.

Question: How long will the transmitter last?
Answer: Thousands of activations. We have not done any life testing on it, but I've yet to kill a battery on one of our test transmitters.

Question: I see the RF is 315 MHz, is this outside of the range typically used by wireless mikes?
Answer: By FCC definitions, yes. Understand though, that's no absolute guarantee. I suspect that if you held the transmitter right next to the mike, you might get some pickup, but that's really hard for me to predict.

Question: Does the unit allow someone to use the keyboard at the same time? Say the presenter wants to recall a specific slide, instead of paging through all the slides they can call back to a person sitting at the keyboard and type in the specific slide.
Answer: Yes, the KeyRF can sit in-between the keyboard and the PC, still allowing use of the keyboard. I'd consider using a keyboard extender, so the the keyboard could be placed up where the speaker is.

Question: My KeyRF will not work correctly with my Compaq Presario.
Answer: We found some unusual aspects of the Compaq touchpad driver, and made some changes in version 2.0H to address them. If you have version 2.0 or 2.0A, and your unit is within the warranty period, we will upgrade your KeyRF firmware for free. Please email

Question: My KeyRF does not work correctly with my IBM Thinkpad. It works OK on my other computers.
Answer: You need a PS2 Mouse-Keyboard Y Adapter. IBM sells this as part number 54G0441. L3 Systems also sells one. It is part number CL0012. If you use the L3 Systems part, plug the KeyRF into the connector labled "mouse". If you also have a mouse, plug it into the connector labeled "keyboard". If you use the IBM part, do as the adapter is labled.

Question: I have version 2.0H and it does not work correctly with my IBM Thinkpad. It works OK on my other computers.
Answer: There is a fix for this that first appeared in version 2.0K. Contact us about getting an update.

Question: What happens if you have more than one in the same room?
Answer: If they are addressed differently (up to 255 combinations), then they can coexist quite well. If both transmitters are activated at the same time, one transmitter could squelch the other, but usually that's not an issue, since button presses are short and usually occupy a very small time slice of the receiver bandwidth.

Question: I have Version 2.0K and it doesn't work on a Toshiba Laptop.
Answer: There is a fix for this that first appeared in version 2.0L. Contact us about getting an update.

Question: What kind of battery does the transmitter use.
Answer: It's a common 12V "photo" battery, size A23. Duracell, Energizer, Radio Shack and other provide this battery.

Question: How do I set the address of a 4-button transmitter.
Answer: Our original 4-Button transmitters had to be set at the factory. You can send it to us, and we'll do that for you. Our current 4-button model transmitter has identical jumpers as our 2-button model, located inside the battery compartment. See the manual for further instructions.

Question: I have Version 2.0K and it doesn't work on an older 486 PC with a Micronics Motherboard and Phoenix Bios.
Answer: There is a fix for this that first appeared in version 2.0L. Contact us about getting an update.

Question: Will the KeyRF work with an Apple MAC computer. If so, what will I need?
Answer: The new KeyRF kits with the USB adapters will work with Apple MAC computers. Here are a few things to know:

  • The Apple operating system must have support for USB HID (Human Interface Device) drivers. This requires MAC operating system version 8.6 or above
  • Your KeyRF comes pre-configured to work with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. If that is your use for the KeyRF, then you don't have to configure the KeyRF receiver.
  • To configure the KeyRF receiver on an Apple computer you will need a keyboard with a PS/2 interface. This is a keyboard normally used with IBM PC compatible systems. These keyboards are commonly available prices under $20.00.
  • Alternatively, if you can find an IBM PC compatible computer with a PS/2 compatible keyboard, you can configure the KeyRF receiver on that computer and it will retain the configuration information within its non-volatile memory to be used later with your Apple computer.
  • Before entering the KeyRF configuration on an Apple computer with alternating the pressing of the left and right shift keys on the attached PS/2 keyboard, first run on the SimpleText program. The KeyRF configuration will use the SimpleText edit screen displaying information.