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About L3 Systems

L3 Systems was started as a Washington State Company in 1995. In April of 1998, L3 Systems, Inc. became a Corporation in the State of Washington.

L3 Systems has roots in embedded design. Its first product, the Keyat RS-232/RS-485 keyboard Adapter, was introduced in August of 1996. This was designed to aid in interfacing to the PS/2 port of PC Computers.

In the spring of 1998 L3 Systems introduced the KeyRF PC Remote Control. Allowing easy RF control of PC computers, it has proven ideal for computer presentations and other types of remote computer control. It's ease of use, requiring no software installation, and it's simplicity make it a very popular for professional presenters.

In the fall of 1998 the WristPC wearable keyboard was introduced. It has become the most popular keyboard for wearable computing in the industrial and commercial markets.